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Train for Success in a Job that Gives you Wings!

The Training Course Guarantee

Once you successfully pass your Dalmac training course we have ample employment positions as cabin crew with Workforce International Contractors (WFI). Your job will start immediately after your training course!

Course Details

Before you can operate as a Crew Member you must complete and pass an intensive training course. Training courses are conducted by Ryanair approved instructors. Courses are full-time, Monday-Friday, for a period of about 5-6 weeks. (Some evening and weekend training may be required.)

The Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Cabin Crew Training Course covers all aspects of the job from passenger safety to customer services. With successful completion of this course you will receive your wings and be qualified to work on board Ryanair aircraft.

Training is intensive and requires a considerable amount of study. As part of the assessment process candidates will be required to sit examinations.

Every course group will be sent to Ireland/UK / Germany for 2-3 days to complete their practical on-board cabin training and fire training modules. The travel & accommodation expense during these trips is paid for by Dalmac as part of your training course fee.

Course Locations - TRAIN IN A CITY NEAR YOU!

You can choose to train on any one of our training courses available in cities throughout Europe! Wherever you decide to train will not effect your base allocation so why not try living and studying in a new country!!!

We will provide you with free Ryanair flights to your training course location. If you decide to train in Dublin, we can also help you find accommodation.

When Do You Start Work?

Once you have successfully completed your training course, you will normally be required to begin work immediately! Your first 2 days on board the Ryanair aircrafts are called "supernumeries", where you will be working as an extra on board the aircraft, giving you your first opportunity to put into practice what you have learned on the course! You will begin work immediately afterwards as a fully qualified Cabin Crew member!


Recruitment Dates

  • Athens, Greece, Mar 22nd
  • Bratislava, Slovakia, Mar 29th


Training Dates