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Recruitment Dates

We are holding Recruitment Days near you!

Interviews are by invitation only - so please APPLY ON-LINE TODAY! Be sure to provide a valid email address.

Time Date Location Status
10:30Jan 17th 18Bucharest, RomaniaOpen
10:30Jan 26th 18Cluj Napoca, RomaniaOpen
10:30Jan 31st 18Prague, Czech RepublicOpen
10:30Jan 31st 18Timisoara, RomaniaOpen
10:00Jan 31st 18Sofia, BulgariaOpen
10:00Feb 2nd 18Lisbon, PortugalOpen


If your city or country does not appear above - DON'T WORRY!

  • Dalmac has many more recruitment Venues and Dates available - apply online and we will contact you with further details. These details are not posted on our website as we need to control the amount of candidates who show up on the day!
  • We return regularly to every city and our recruitment dates sometimes fill up before we even get to post the details online!!! We suggest you apply today and we will ensure that we meet you as soon as possible!
  • Dalmac can guarantee in most cases that we are in a city near you within the next 3\4 weeks!!!

Apply Online today and we will ensure that we meet you as soon as possible!


Recruitment Dates

  • Bucharest, Romania, Jan 17th
  • Cluj Napoca, Romania, Jan 26th
  • Timisoara, Romania, Jan 31st
  • Sofia, Bulgaria, Jan 31st


Training Dates

  • Dublin, Jan 23rd
  • Bratislava, Jan 25th
  • Sofia, Jan 30th