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Q: Is it possible to train as cabin crew directly with Ryanair and be employed directly by Ryanair?

A: No, Ryanair contract their staff from companies such as Dalmac / Workforce International Contractors, however if promoted you will be employed directly by Ryanair (usually after 12 months).

Q: I do not have an EU Passport but I do have a working visa, is this valid?

A: No, you must have a valid EU Passport

Q: Dalmac is an Irish company, does that mean that Dalmac only train candidates in Ireland?

A: No, Dalmac provide training courses in cities near you! Check out our website for details on future courses

Q: Who decides which base I get assigned to?

A: Ryanair is responsible for assigning cabin crew to bases, Dalmac will inform Ryanair of your base preference and Ryanair will try to accommodate your preferences however, Ryanair must assign crew to bases where they have vacancies. You must be flexible about your base location.

Q: Who is Workforce International Contractors?

A: Workforce International Contractors is a sister company of Dalmac Aviation & Recruitment, we work together to recruit, train and employ cabin crew for Ryanair. Working together we strive to provide the highest standard of service to you

Q: If I train with Dalmac or if I am employed by Workforce International Contractors does that mean I can only work in selected bases?

A: No, candidates training with Dalmac or candidates employed by Workforce International Contractors can select any Ryanair base as their base preference.

Q: If I want to be based in London Stansted, is it better if I do my training in London?

A: No, your training location will have no impact on your base allocation

Q: After I finish my training course, is it possible to take some time off to visit my family/travel before I begin my new career as cabin crew?

A: No, upon successful completion of the course, candidates must immediately commence employment with Ryanair.

Q: If I fail my last examination and I have completed the 5 weeks of the course, will I still have to pay for my training?

A: No, only candidates who successfully pass their training course will have to pay the training course fee.

Q: Will I have to pay for my medical examination, airport ID or my flight to the training course location?

A: Applicants must pay for their own medical examination and pay for your airport security ID (on collection at your base). Flights to the training course and to your base are paid for by Dalmac

Q: Do I receive any salary during the training course?

A: No, you do not earn any salary until you start working


Recruitment Dates

  • Athens, Greece, Mar 22nd
  • Bratislava, Slovakia, Mar 29th


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